Our services are available to support your academic and student experience.
At SAE, you will have access to confidential and professional support throughout your studies. We are committed to supporting your learning experience and well-being with staff who can provide helpful tools, strategies, and perspectives for your studies and personal matters.
STUDENT SERVICES OFFICERS This team is your first point of contact for all enquiries. They can assist with orientation, enrolment, local campus activities, student policies and procedures, and graduation - any questions about your campus and student experience.
STUDENT SUPPORT ADVISORS This team supports your well-being and academic success; they can help with disabilities and learning support, study management skills, and welfare concerns such as accommodation.
DISABILITY SERVICES If you have a disability, SAE can work with you to make reasonable adjustments to your course of study, to make things more manageable for you to complete your course requirements.

SAE’s Technical Department is on hand to assist you when using specialist equipment and facilities and provide technical advice. On-campus IT will ensure you will always get IT help on hand.

Our support services

At any stage of your learning and student life journey with SAE, Student Services Officers (SSOs) are available to support you with advice or information relating to:

  • Enrolment or changes to your enrolment
  • Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL)
  • Orientation
  • Academic Progression
  • International student visa and Student Health Cover enquiries
  • Local campus activities
  • Student policies, procedures, and forms
  • Graduation
  • Any other enquiry you may have

T: +962 6 4000 707

Student Support Advisors (SSAs) support student well-being and academic success. SSAs are located at every SAE campus and are a free service for all students.

They can help with:

  • Flexible arrangements for students with disabilities
  • Welfare concerns such as accommodation
  • Learning support and study issues
  • Assistance for international students
  • Making complaints or reporting incidents of sexual harassment and assault
  • Referrals to other staff in SAE and to community support services SSAs can also assist with crisis situations.

To book an appointment directly with the Student Support Advisor on your campus contact:

T: +962 6 4000 707

SAE is committed to providing support for students with a disability, injury, mental illness, or medical condition; to support their well-being and success. To register for support, contact your campus Student Services Advisor, to meet and discuss your options. We require early notification to best assist you with adjustments during your study. You can help us with planning support for you by providing any professional advice from accredited practitioners, e.g. doctors or other medical professionals, during the application or enrolment process.

Find out more about SAE’s disability support.

Our Technical Department team members are on hand to assist you when using specialist facilities and equipment. They manage all student bookings, gear hire, and general campus maintenance. They are available whenever the campus is open. Tech Team staff have studied at SAE, so they have the technical skills and knowledge to assist you.

For more information about your campus Tech Team and the equipment and facilities available, visit the TechHub at your campus or check the online booking system:

IT staff provides email, web, and network support to all SAE students to provide support on-campus. Students may access this service directly on campus via Student Services.

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