Study Paths

There are various study paths to assist you in achieving admission to SAE. Use the adjacent flowchart that specifies the qualifying training program based on your cumulative GPA (after the Jordanian equation).

Student Pathways

International students (non-Jordanians) and Jordanians holding foreign secondary certificates (British GCE, SAT, International Baccalaureate, or American High School Diploma, etc.), obtained either within or outside the Kingdom, can be admitted to SAE after submitting an equivalence for the certificate from the Jordanian Ministry of Education. Visit the Ministry of Education / Authentication and Equivalence Department to learn about the rules, conditions, and requirements for certificate equivalence. The average and stream will be determined after the equivalence, indicating the degree the student is eligible to study at SAE.

The General Secondary Education Certificate (Tawjihi) in professional fields (industrial, agricultural, hospitality, and home economics) is accepted for the current years without the need for additional courses for admission to the bachelor’s degree program (minimum of 60%).

Recognition of Prior Learning and Credit Transfer

SAE will recognize your prior learning and may grant credit to meet course requirements. This is applied when prior learning is considered equivalent to the content and specific learning outcomes of the units within the course. For complete details, refer to SAE’s policy on recognition of prior learning and credit transfers.

SAE fees vary depending on the selected course. Additionally, we offer a variety of payment plans, allowing students to pay tuition fees throughout the semester instead of in a lump sum.

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