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Study Options

SAE Amman does not offer any part-time BA/diploma degrees. However, there are certified short courses, usually scheduled during the evening, typically between 5.30-8.30 pm. Contact your campus directly if you require further information about available short-term courses.

All SAE courses focus on practical, hands-on delivery. The amount of practical time you experience during your study varies depending on your course. You will always have an opportunity to access campus resources and facilities outside of class times; during campus opening hours.

We carefully design and deliver all our units to help you develop the knowledge you need to be successful in your chosen field of study. Courses and course units at SAE follow best practice teaching and learning.


A diploma is niche skills focused. By undertaking an SAE diploma in Animation, Audio, Film, Digital Media, or Games, you will develop foundation skills in these specific discipline areas. Students can use the SAE diploma as a pathway to degree-level study at SAE and other institutions. Diplomas are a great option for people who did not study before and/or for those looking for an alternative pathway to degree-level studies.

Bachelor’s Degree

A BA degree offers a rigorous combination of niche skills with a greater depth and breadth of theoretical knowledge and analytical skills. This knowledge applies to your creative media discipline and the professional world broadly. A BA degree offers an entry point to professional work, builds portable skills, and develops sustainable, lifelong learning. High learning skills are requisites of the BA degree, and graduate study options are available upon completion. BA degrees are suitable for people looking to develop professional skills and knowledge and build long-term, successful careers in their industry of choice.

Successful creative media graduates need both practical skills and theoretical knowledge. It is important to know the “how” and the “why” of your industry. SAE courses are specifically designed to give you practical expertise and a solid theoretical foundation.

SAE Amman has two intakes per year: March and October. Short courses have different intake timings – Contact us for further information.

Upcoming Open Day details can be found on our Events page.

My Application

SAE does not need any prerequisite knowledge for entry. However, a balanced program of subjects in your senior studies is the best preparation for our programs (if available at your school). If you are interested in visual aspects of creative media (animation, graphic design, web design), then visual arts is great preparation. If you are interested in Audio Production, then music performance or production is ideal. Mathematics is great for game programming. English, especially storytelling and drama, is ideal for Filmmaking.

At SAE, we consider your creative potential and commitment to the Creative Industries, not just your academic history. And this is why regardless of your GPA, you will find a course you are eligible for, check the pages below for more details: 

For domestic student entry requirements, click here.

For international student entry requirements, click here.

Read more about SAE enrolment for domestic students here.

Read more about SAE enrolment for international students here.

You can apply for SAE courses quickly and easily online. Go to our Apply Now page for further information.

At SAE we recognise that preparation for study does not always need to be restricted to formal educational attainment. Contact us today to discuss your enrolment in a Training Diploma, offered for domestic and international students. 

You can apply for SAE courses quickly and easily online. Go to our Apply Now page for further information.

Certified hard copies of your supporting documents are required for accreditation and auditing by the Jordanian Ministry of Education.

Visa issuance and renewal are subject to approval by Jordan’s Directorate of Residence and Borders. If you need to issue or renew your visa, you must confirm your enrolment with the Registration Department for an SAE agent to proceed with your renewal/issuance application.

As long as you meet the entry requirements for the course you want to study, the Admissions Team can assist you in changing your enrolment. Any enrolment change needs to be done at least a week before the trimester start date.

My Enrolment

If you wish to defer before your course has commenced, contact SAE’s Admissions Team. If you wish to defer after your course has commenced, you will be required to contact Student Services at your campus.

You must withdraw or postpone your study before the starting date or no later than the first week of the trimester. Once you sign the form provided by Student Services Advisor, you will be charged for the registration fees, and the rest of the paid tuition will be eligible for a refund.

If you withdraw or postpone after the first week of the trimester, you will not be eligible for any refund of the tuition fees.

Non-completion of studies does not entitle a student to any refund.

The maximum time you can defer study is 12 months. Contact a Student Services Advisor at your campus for further information.

Fees & Payments

Your tuition fees are due prior to the trimester start date. Check the yearly Academic Calendar for each trimester starting date.

The cost of each course at SAE varies. For information on the tuition fee, contact one of the Career Advisors on your campus at +962 6 4000 707.

You may choose to pay your tuition fees using one of the following methods:

  • Electronic Transfer or Direct Deposit
  • Cheque
  • Visa or MasterCard

The bank details or a payment reference number will be sent to your email when requested.

Student Services

SAE is committed to providing equal opportunities for students with disabilities or special learning needs. For more information visit Student Services.

SAE campuses offer “Strong Foundations” programs at each campus and provide bespoke written English and other academic support through the Library and Learning Centers.

Your local student services team will be able to help you.

Student Life

It can vary depending on the course. In most cases, lectures have an average of 15 students.

Students who are well organised find casual or part-time work most manageable.

It depends on how many units you study per trimester as planned on your schedule. You should expect to be on campus about five days a week for a Diploma or a BA Degree, and approximately three times a week if you are a short course student.

We always welcome feedback. Any member of SAE staff is happy to hear what you have to say and ensure that this information makes its way to the most appropriate person. Students are also welcome to provide feedback via our student surveys and Staff-Student Consultative Committees which are held at each SAE campus. For more information, contact your local student services team.

My Studies

Students can access campus facilities during opening hours. Please contact your campus for timings.

You can have your email password reset by emailing the request to

Applying for special consideration (requesting deferred assessment/extension) should be submitted before the assigned submission date. Please check Special Consideration for more information.

If you need to provide a medical certificate for any reason, please send it to and to your Head of Department, or hand it out to Student Services Advisor at your local campus.

For every hour you spend in class, you should plan to spend two to three hours out of class working independently on practice or assignments.

Visa issuance and renewal are subject to approval by Jordan’s Directorate of Residence and Borders. If you need to issue or renew your visa, you must confirm your enrollment with the Registration Department for SAE to proceed with your renewal/issuance.

Facilities & Equipment

It’s a study requirement that students have their laptops (for after-school study). The laptop specifications and features can be sent to your email when requested.

SAE Amman does not have onsite accommodation. However, there are many nearby off-campus accommodation options if you decide to study in Amman. 

Students moving to Amman often stay in a hotel or hostel when they first arrive. Many students then move into shared rental housing or individual student apartments when they are more familiar with the city and surrounding areas.

Our Career Advisors team can help you find a suitable place according to your preferred location and budget.

Opening hours are generally 8.30 am – 12.00 pm. However, hours of operation may vary sometimes and may stay till 8:30 pm. To have out-of-hours access to the studios and computer labs contact your campus at +962 6 4000 707

Yes, there is free on-campus parking for students.

You will use a variety of industry-standard and specialised software applications relevant to your study.

Each campus has their own guidelines regarding equipment collection. Please contact your campus directly, or book through

Typically, studios open between 8.30-12.00 pm. Studio opening hours are different for each campus and can vary throughout the trimester according to demand. Please contact your campus directly for more information on opening hours and studio availability or book through

Yes – all SAE programs use a learning management system to help you prepare for your classes, reflect upon your learning, submit assessments, and communicate with your peers. For this reason, we recommend that you have access to high-speed internet access while you are studying.


It would be best to make an appointment to see a Student Services Advisor (SSA) at your campus as soon as possible. It would be preferable to get the required medical documentation prior to your appointment with the SSA.

Unfortunately, it is very hard to provide adequate support without the required supporting medical documentation.

Unfortunately, without disclosure to the Student Services Advisor (SSA), there this very little that SAE can do to support you throughout your program. The information you provide is collected for the purpose of developing and approving your student access plan and the provision of other required support to assist you to reach your full potential here at SAE.

The SSA will only disclose your personal or health information to other SAE staff upon your consent. Please feel free to contact the SSA to discuss your concerns.

This is a document prepared by the Student Services Advisor in consultation with yourself as the student. Your SAPD is used to document information about the impact of your disability on your studies. It also outlines reasonable adjustments which you can provide to academic staff each trimester.

No. As a student of SAE, support services are provided free of charge.


In response to the global pandemic, the School of Creative Media at LTUC – SAE had to face the changes forced upon the whole country due to campus closures and social distancing requirements. Therefore, SAE had to quickly shift and adapt to remote learning to ensure classes could resume normally from a distance.

This rapid adaptation was a bit challenging; however, SAE managed to train its instructors before the lockdown, anticipating that the country would face this COVID-19 outbreak.

Successfully, SAE became accustomed to this change and has managed to resume its classes effectively for all programs that had to be delivered on time.

Furthermore, SAE was monitoring and evaluating every step of this change. Consequently, all students’ concerns were solved, to help them cope with this remote studying; some of the measures taken were that SAE has provided internet bundles to all its students and sent PCs/laptops for students to improve their studying experience.

The determination of both SAE and its students made all of this possible!

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