Information for International Students

Jordan is a popular destination for study, and it is not difficult to understand why. It is a multicultural society that currently houses around 44,000 international students.
In addition, Jordan is known for its very welcoming, friendly, and heartwarming people.

SAE welcomes students from over 30 different countries to our state-of-the-art campus.

As an international student at SAE, you gain access to a global network of creative-minded people, just like yourself.

Our project-based, cross-disciplined courses ensure you learn by doing, resulting in an extensive portfolio of work preparing you for your work placement in the final trimester of your program and for future employment opportunities.

Located in the heart of the capital city of Jordan, SAE Institute Amman, is one of the largest campuses among 47 others, it offers a variety of academic paths across six disciplines in the Creative Media Industry – Animation, Audio, Media Production, Film, Games, Virtual Reality & Augmented Reality.

Under the expert guidance of industry-leading facilitators, you will participate in real-world Jordanian projects as part of your course, this includes 140 hours of organised work placement for a diploma course.


With our industry connections, specialised teachers and personalised education in world-class facilities, you can unleash your creative future with confidence.