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Bachelor of Digital Media Design



The Diploma in Digital Media Design provides students with an experience enriched with a wide range of academic, technical, and practical creative skills needed for them to excel and become successful media practitioners. The students will take courses that will cover drawing, graphic design, visual and print communications, motion graphics, music, Journalism, film production and editing, web, and mobile design and development.   

This major will prepare students for a world that is increasingly and ineluctably focused on interaction, communication, technology, and the digital era that we live in.


  • Fundamentals of design
  • Industry-standard workflows and equipment
  • In small classes
  • Through individual practical time
  • From industry professionals 

By doing

  • You are completing a series of assignments to build your visual, technical, and artistic skills.  
  • Building up your creative skills ladder meeting the creative digital industry requirements


  • Graduate with a professional portfolio that shows your technical and artistic abilities.
  • Our fast track courses allow you to enter the workplace quicker with the most up-to-date skills.
  • Get the confidence to forge your path to your dream career.


Upon graduating, students will be proficient in the Adobe Creative Suite, Graphic Design, Visual Communication, Packaging, Info-graphics, Photography, Video Production, and Editing, Journalism, Web Design and Development, Digital Marketing and Social Media design, and will have built a rich portfolio reflecting their technical and practical creative skills gained enabling them to be successful media practitioners


Bachelor of Digital Media Design.


  • Amman


You will Learn


  • Journalism and copy write laws
  • Adobe software design skills, tools and techniques
  • Create magazines and layout design
  • Creating motion and Infographics
  • Postproduction
  • Industry knowledge
  • Photo editing and image manipulation
  • Storyboarding
  • Corporate Identity & Branding
  • Photography
  • Web design and management
  • Sound production and editing
  • Design for social media
  • Social media marketing
  • Mobile app design


Your Learning Experience


  • Generating creative ideas and implementing them using essential design software tools and techniques professionally and using the appropriate visual communication skills reaching the target market,
  • Finalizing creative work for final production up to the specifications needed by the publishers and press houses
  • Learning digital photography, and enriching photo editing and image manipulation skills, creating motion and info graphics meeting client’s requirements.
  • Engaging with new content by involving the usage of new devices, platforms and applications.
  • Designing mobile applications and all its contents along with managing social media accounts
  • Learning sound and audio engineering to manage and create custom music, TV and radio commercials 
  • Enriching the wide variety of digital publishing skills that will complement the core skill of storytelling that is needed in the professional media market.
  • The program is designed to provide you with the fundamental skills to compose engaging copy and content across all publishing genres, from journalism to creative writing and storytelling.
  • Including essential practical training over a range of skills from photography, intellectual property considerations, visual design and web, to audio and video production.


Career Options

  • Graphic Designer
  • Social Media and app Designer
  • Layout Designer
  • Production manager
  • Media reporter/ presenter and copywriter
  • Photographer
  • Web designer and developer




Advertising Agency

  • Syntax. 
  • Y&R.
  • Wunderman. 
  • JWT.
  • Kharabeesh.
  • Phenomena.
  • Sudacé Creative Agency
  • Mint Agency.
  • The Office.
  • Insight Group.
  • Amazon Amman.
  • BluNet Marketing & Communication Services
  • The Online Project.
  • BrandsBerry.
  • Step Communications.
  • Dot.Jo
  • Aim Style Graphics.
  • Seek Advertising. 


TV and radio Stations

  • Ro’ya TV Stations. 
  • Al Mamlakeh. 
  • MBC Group. 
  • Jordan TV. 
  • Amman T.V.


Photography Studio

  • Moses Studio.
  • Robina Studio.
  • Babel Studio. 


Print Houses

  • National Press. 
  • Al Raie printing Press. 
  • Picasso printing press. 
  • Al Fanar Printing Press. 
  • Central Press. 
  • DocuLand.


Bachelor of Digital Media Design
Year 1
Photographic StorytellingResearch, Writing Skills and Media & Culture OverviewJournalism Basics & Online PublishingAudio Interview & Podcasting
Video Reportage and PublishingData Visualization and Interactive Media/ Advanced Video Production  
Year 2
Publishing Practice & Advanced Techniques Marketing, Branding & Communication
Research Practice and SocietyAdvanced Video Production
Major Project  
  • Discipline Unit
Year 1
Photographic Storytelling
Research, Writing Skills and Media & Culture Overview
Journalism Basics & Online Publishing
Audio Interview & Podcasting
Video Reportage and Publishing
Data Visualization and Interactive Media/ Advanced Video Production
Year 2
Publishing Practice & Advanced Techniques
Marketing, Branding & Communication
Research Practice and Society
Advanced Video Production
Major Project
  • Discipline Unit

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    11 Semesters



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