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Accommodation In Amman

There are many off-campus accommodation options if you choose to study in Amman. Students who are moving to Amman often stay in a hotel, hostel/guesthouse, or nearby student accommodation when they first arrive. Many students then move into the shared rental housing when they are more familiar with the city and surrounding areas.

And also there are many furnished apartments near the SAE Amman campus. Our career adviser team are going to help you to search for a right and suitable place to live in as we have the right experience of assisting members of the university. 

English Course

Our English course allows you to improve your speaking and writing skills.


As an international student, you may need an entry visa depending on where you come from and how long you plan to stay, we as SAE are going to help you to contact the embassy to make things easier.

Counseling services

Our career advisor team are going to help you to realize your academic and personal goals.