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About SAE


SAE  was founded in 1976 with over 40 years of global experience. The SAE Amman school of creative media at LTUC campus is one of the largest among more than 54 SAE Institute campuses in 28 countries worldwide, and features some of the most advanced studios and equipment in the region. Its purpose-designed amenities comprise fully equipped classrooms with over 180  computers and 30 different software packages, in addition to a TV broadcast studio, green-screen, virtual studio, Neve recording console, as well as Icon and Live sound recording facilities.



Global Perspective

SAE has 47campuses in 23 countries. Our teachers are the unique, diverse and creative community who come together for a collective purpose – outstanding educational opportunities.

Our expertise is world-recognized and truly global.


Our Services

Accommodation In Amman

There are many off-campus accommodation options if you choose to study in Amman. Students who are moving to Amman often stay in a hotel, hostel/guesthouse, or nearby student accommodation when they first arrive. Many students then move into the shared rental housing when they are more familiar with the city and surrounding areas.

And also there are many furnished apartments near the SAE Amman campus. Our career adviser team are going to help you to search for a right and suitable place to live in as we have the right experience of assisting members of the university. 

English Course

Our English course allows you to improve your speaking and writing skills.


As an international student, you may need an entry visa depending on where you come from and how long you plan to stay, we as SAE are going to help you to contact the embassy to make things easier.

Counseling services

Our career advisor team are going to help you to realize your academic and personal goals.


Amman Transport

Getting around Amman on public transport is easy.

The closest bus routes are:

Madaba Bus Stop, Naur Bridge, across Al Quds College.

Advanced Transportation services:



Local Services


In an emergency call: 911 (Ambulance, Fire, Police)


There are numerous banks and ATM machines in every mall in Amman,


The Internet is readily available on campus during opening hours.



There are a number of medical facilities around the campus area. They are all mapped on Google maps below. You can use the short links with your smartphone for navigation, even if you are not sure where they are.

Here is the list:


13 Minutes

Jordan Medical Center

Ibn Qayem Al-Jawzeyah St. Amman, jordan 




15 minutes

Arab Medical Center

Sanaa Al-Mhaydeli St. Amman, Jordan




16 Minutes

Al Khaldi Medical Center

Ibn Khaldoun St, Amman, Jordan