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Photography Summer Camp


Photography Course (Summer Camp) (24 Hours)

The student will learn how to control the camera and the options inside it, but mainly we will focus on the creative and imaginative part of the photography, they will learn how to imagine the scenes and prepare before shooting them, after they capture we will learn hoe to edit the images and enhance them using some apps on our smartphones so the images can be ready for publish.


  • Student's can control the Professional camera with ease and master the options
  • students can create imaginative and creative shots with efficiency
  • They will be able to edit the images and export them for the web


  • Essentials (4 Hours):
    • How to use the Camera: It’s like a pencil with a lot of buttons, so we will learn what does those buttons do and how to hold the brush and go wild.
    • Photography Fields: we will discover and discuss some of the main photography fields.
    • Photography Words: we will learn all of the vocabularies that you will need to understand to explore this magnificent world with ease.
  • Creative Scenes (14 Hours):
    • Light Painting: camera and our phone lights and create
    • “Forced Perspective” Photography: Have you seen how people takes images of them selves leaning on the side of the Eiffel tower or picking it from the top? that’s called “Forced Perspective”, we will learn how to create these images and go wild with our imagination.
    • Sillhouette Photography: We will create our own shapes from card boards and shoot them with sun behind to create these minimal detailed charming images.
    • Making Our DIY SoftBox: Photography is about lighting, and the lighting gear in the market are a bit expensive, so we will learn how to make our own DIY Light Box so we can use it in our practices later
    • Portrait Photography: Now it’s time to learn how to capture the faces
  • Image Editing (6 Hours):
    • Adobe Photoshop Apps: After you shoot a raw image, you still need some tweaks to enhance it, we will learn how to use simple phone apps to do that like Adobe Photoshop Express and Adobe Photoshop fix.
    • Image Retouching: Let’s explain it in three words: Digital Plastic Surgery :P
    • Simple Photo Manipulation & Composing: We will have a taste of the magical power of Photo Manipulation and Composing using Adobe Photoshop Mix App.
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    32 Hrs, 5 - 8 PM, Sun, Tue , Thurs



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