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Graphic Design


Graphic Design Course

Duration                             Days                                   Timing 

72 Hours                             3 weekdays                        5:00 PM- 8:00 PM



This course introduces its students to the world of graphic design and visual communication. The course equips you with professional skills enabling you to create and design your own publications for print.

The course will give you an overview of the complete professional Graphic Design production process: from the development of visual concepts and communication strategies, project planning and pitching to the design implementation in professional graphic software, pre-press, quality control, and finally the successful presentation of the final product.


Adobe Photoshop CC2021:
Adobe Photoshop is the industry-standard tool used for digital imaging, which makes Photoshop expertise a valuable commodity in the
workplace of today and tomorrow. Learning Photoshop is also a good way to learn imaging concepts. Concepts you learn from working with
Photoshop applies to other imaging tools as well.

Topics include:
• Design elements and balance
• Layers and layer modes
• Transform tools
• Selection tools
• Color correction
• Text layers
• Typography
• Layer masking
• Double exposure
• adjustment layers

Project: Poster design promoting a given product


Adobe Illustrator CC2021:
Adobe Illustrator is the industry-standard vector graphics program used by graphic designers, illustrators, and people in the fashion industry
and multimedia artists among others. In this course, we will pull back the veil to reveal the secrets that this amazingly creative tool has to
offer. This course, which covers all the basics of working with the program and more, is designed for students, working professionals, or

• Topics include:
• Color wheel and schemes
• Pen tool techniques
• Typography
• Logo design concept
• Brand identity
• Stationary components and stationery design
• Project: Logo design and full stationery design


Adobe InDesign CC2021:
Training for the ins and outs of InDesign, Adobe’s creative page layout program. Publishing brochures, newsletters, reports, and other print
pieces can be a challenge without the right tools. Along comes Adobe InDesign with all the features and flexibility and you’ll need to publish
professional-quality layouts. Whether you’re new to layout design or making the switch from QuarkXPress, training with InDesign Basics will
help you get your creative ideas on the page. There is also a lot of information on the skills and secrets of design, printing, and everything
related to the professional designer
Topics include:
• Document setup
• Creating master pages
• Auto page numbering
• Placing text and images
• Character styles
• Paragraph styles
• preparing a file for final production and exporting
• creating mockups

• Project: Magazine cover design and inside articles layout

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