Why Study At SAE?



Why Study At SAE?

In response to the global pandemic, School of Creative Media at LTUC -SAE had to face the changes forced upon the whole country due to campus
closures and social
distancing requirements. Therefore, SAE had to quickly shift and adapt to remote learning in order to ensure classes could continue normally from a distance.

This rapid adaption was a bit
challenging; however, SAE has
managed to train its instructors prior to the lockdown in
anticipation that the country will be facing this COVID-19 outbreak.
Successfully, SAE became accustomed to this change and has managed to resume its classes
effectively for all programs that had to be delivered on time.

Furthermore, SAE was monitoring and
evaluating every step of this change.
Consequently, some students’
concerns were solved to help them cope with this remote studying; some of the measures taken was that SAE has provided internet bundles to all its
students and have sent some
PCs/laptops for students in need to
improve their studying experience.

The determination of both SAE and its
students together made all of this