Free Training Opportunity Leads to Employment



Free Training Opportunity Leads to Employment

Media Production Program 


This complete course aims to equip candidates with several knowledge and skills that will improve their employ ability chances, as it provides them with the latest required competences that will enable them to work in several fields of the creative media industry, and as a result, they will have a competitive advantage among applicants in any related job opportunity.


In this training course, candidates will be trained on 6 major aspects distributed on 360 training hours related to the creative media industry as follows: Digital Marketing, Graphic Design, Digital Photography, Video Production, After Effects, and Audio Production. Moreover, another 360 training hours will be dedicated to soft skills and English language session that aims to improve their employability skills. The objectives of this 720 training hour course will be listed under each aspect. 



  1. LTUC Certificate Accredited by CAQA

  2. SAE International Certificate

  3. Career Readiness Certificate from Pearson

Entry Requirements:

  1. A graduate of one of the following programs:

    1. Animation

    2. Filmmaking

    3. Media

    4. Graphic Design

    5. Marketing

    6. TV and Radio

  2. English language certificate IELTS 4.5 or any equivalent 

  3. Good communication skills

  4. Required age: 18-24 years old

  5. Only Jordanians can apply for this program

Timing and training hours:

Number of Training Hours: 720 Training Hours (On Campus)

5 Days/Week, 6 Hours/Day

3 Hours Technical Training

2 Hours English for Business

1 Hour Life Skills

Duration of the course: 6 Months 


Total Number of Students Number of Students: 80 Students

Application Deadline: 19/12/19

Course Start-Date: 02/02/2020

Participants must take 2 months in job training then he/she must continuously work with a company for six months.

Each student will be paid 125 JOD/Month, any absence will affect the total payment.

If the student wants to register in LTUC transportation, he/she will pay 30 JOD and will be deducted from the monthly allowance.

Participants in this program are not required to do military service.

All applicants must be unemployed.

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